Personal Financial, Insurance, & Investment Plans

Helping you reach your goals

Financial planning means different things to different people. To some it's as simple as balancing a cheque book. To others, it's about investing and speculation.

At Hamilton + Partners, when we talk about financial planning we're referring to the creative discussions and unique processes that will allow us to help you with your personal and financial objectives. We're 
also referring to the commitment we make to implement the strategies that will assist you to achieve 
your goals.

We have experts in Financial Planning, Insurance Planning and Investment Planning that can talk to you about –

  • Establishing your current goals and objectives
  • Creating a financial plan
  • Family income and asset protection
  • Income Replacement in the event of an accident or illness
  • Retirement plans
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Estate tax minimization plans
  • Diversified portfolio management
  • Tax efficient investment planning
  • Education funding

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